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Studio 3T is an amazing GUI & IDE client for MongoDB that helps us in speed up tasks like query building, data exploration, import/export, code generation.

Abhilash Thakur, Software Developer at Invygo

Version information

How to update

How to update Studio 3T automatically: Open Studio 3T and go to the Help menu. Select Check for updates.

How to update Studio 3T manually:


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Start the installer by opening the file.
  3. Follow the directions on your screen.

Studio 3T’s installer will take care of the entire update process: it will uninstall the previous release, install the new one, and migrate all your connection settings and preferences.


  1. Download the latest Studio 3T release.
  2. Open the .dmg file on your machine.
  3. In the ensuing Finder view, please drag and drop the Studio 3T .app file into your Applications folder.
  4. When prompted, we recommend replacing the previous .app with the new one.


  1. Download the latest Studio 3T .tar.gz file.
  2. Unpack the .tar.gz file to the directory of your choice.
  3. Follow the instructions here How to Install Studio 3T on Linux.
How to install or uninstall Studio 3T


How to install Studio 3T:

Download the latest release of Studio 3T. Start the installer by opening the file. Follow the directions on the screen.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

  1. On Windows 8 and 10: In Search, enter Control Panel and select Control Panel. Now select Programs, next select Programs and Features, and then select Studio 3T.
  2. On Windows 7: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
  3. Select Studio 3T, and then click Uninstall.
  4. Follow the directions on the screen.


How to install Studio 3T:

  1. Download the latest Studio 3T .dmg file.
  2. Open the .dmg file on your machine.
  3. In the ensuing Finder view, please simply drag and drop the Studio 3T .app file into your Applications folder.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

Locate the file “Studio” in your Applications folder and delete it.


How to install Studio 3T:

Please follow these installation instructions.

How to uninstall Studio 3T:

On Linux, Studio 3T is distributed as a gzipped tarball (.tar.gz). Locate the directory with unpacked Studio 3T’s .tar.gz file and delete it.

What is Studio 3T Free

The Free edition of the number one desktop GUI for MongoDB.

Manage MongoDB data efficiently

Studio 3T Free allows managing MongoDB data by inputting new, as well as viewing, querying, and computing the existing data items. To make it all happen, Studio 3T provides an easy way to connect as many MongoDB servers as you need. 

Boost performance & save time

Our product supports Table, Tree, and JSON views, providing users with such features as IntelliShell auto-completion, BSON data import and export, including a dark theme and other customizations that can help you work faster and save time.

Studio 3T Free Core Features 

Download MongoDB GUI today, the go-to tool for MongoDB productivity!

Table, Tree and JSON views

Discover the most flexible MongoDB viewer. Open any MongoDB collection and show embedded fields next to parent fields with Table View, collapse or expand fields in Tree View, or browse entire documents in JSON View.

IntelliShell with auto-completion

Auto-complete queries in a built-in mongo shell that highlights syntax errors.

Import / export BSON

Import to MongoDB from BSON/mongodump. Export entire MongoDB databases or collections.

Download Studio 3T Free

Studio 3T has been a very powerful tool to increase our productivity in DB management. Thanks to it we are able to extract the needed data for business purposes very easily, create indexes to increase the query performance see our data, and have a clear vision of our data management.

Pablo Pascual, CTO at Swipcar

Why download Studio 3T Free now

Save development time and get the work done faster.

Easy start. No credit card required

Download Studio 3T Free. Open it and register for a free Studio 3T account. Once registered, connect one or multiple MongoDB servers and commence using it. 

Leverage top Studio 3T features from day one

Studio 3T Free comes with a 30-day free trial, giving you access to the full set of premium product features. Once the trial is over, continue with the Free-forever version or upgrade to a paid plan.

Cross-platform support

Studio 3T Free is available for Mac (Intel), Mac (Apple Silicon), Windows and Linux. Choose your platform and begin enjoying Studio 3T today!

Download Studio 3T Free
MongoDB aggregation editor

Studio 3T is a great product, it's well thought through and stable. It makes a lot of daily tasks simple and most importantly saves a lot of time.

Soumya Bardhan, Principal Software Engineer at Ace Turtle Services

Explore premium Studio 3T features

Get the maximum out of the free 30-day trial.

Create views from aggregation queries

Intuitive Data export and import 

Import to MongoDB from JSON, CSV, BSON/mongodump, and SQL, and get a preview of your output documents as you make changes. Export entire MongoDB collections, views, queries, query results, or specific documents to the same formats.

Advanced visual query builder

Perfect for MongoDB beginners, a time-saver for pros. Use a drag-and-drop UI to build complex find() queries and filter array elements.

Robust query code generation 

Generate instant code in JavaScript (Node.js), Java (2.x and 3.x driver API), Python, C#, PHP, and Ruby from MongoDB and SQL queries that you can copy and paste into your application.

Easy-to-use SQL query

Put your SQL skills to good use. Query MongoDB with SQL using SELECT, DISTINCT, GROUP BY, INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, and more.

Powerful Aggregation Editor

Break down aggregation queries into manageable steps and build them stage by stage, for easier debugging and querying.

Download Studio 3T Free

Master MongoDB with Studio 3T

Helping data engineers around the world enhance their database management knowledge and skills.

MongoDB 101 course

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MongoDB 201 course

Sign up for MongoDB 201 and explore ways to query MongoDB data. Start the free course now.

Why choose Studio 3T Free to manage MongoDB data

Kind words from happy customers.

We have been using Studio 3T for 2+ years for its easy query and other data management capability for the MongoDB we use for our web application. And I have to say it has been an important reason that stops us from moving to DynamoDB.

Liyan Gu, Sr. Manager Software Engineering Manager at CapitalOne Bank

I love the product. It is really easy to use. It helps me to get better with MongoDB commands. It is also super fast to query a collection. Thanks, Studio 3T.

Denny Mathews, Systems Analyst at Bank of Montreal

I have tried Compass, dbKoda and the mongo shell before. I will say Studio 3T was so handy and an easy to use tool which solved many of my problems. Aggregation works like a charm.

Kam Trivedi, Data Consultant at Allied Technical Services

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