MongoDB 201: Querying MongoDB Data

MongoDB 201: Querying MongoDB Data

Build upon the MongoDB basics

MongoDB 201: Querying MongoDB Data is Academy 3T‘s intermediate MongoDB course that builds upon the introductory concepts in MongoDB 101.

Packed with just the right amount of theory and plenty of hands-on exercises, you’ll get to try the many flavors of querying MongoDB:

  • Learn about CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and how to perform these operations
  • Use find(), the method that serves as the foundation for performing basic queries against a MongoDB database – you’ll be using this one a lot!
  • Dig deeper into the MongoDB Aggregation Framework and learn how the aggregate method works through exercises that use the $match, $group, $project, $replaceRoot, and $sort aggregation stages
  • Query string values within arrays using IntelliShell and the Visual Query Builder
  • Use $elemMatch to query embedded documents in arrays and learn how to correctly apply conditional operators to filter the right array elements
  • Write multiple SQL SELECT statements to query MongoDB and see how you can use SQL to build MongoDB aggregation queries
  • Create, edit, and work with views in MongoDB – shortcuts to get you straight to the data you need

You’ll find the needed datasets and additional resources under the Materials tab of each lesson. This time around, we’ve also included even more questions in the Test Your Skills section.

Who this MongoDB course is for

  • Students who have completed MongoDB 101 and want to learn intermediate MongoDB concepts
  • Students switching from SQL or relational databases to MongoDB

A couple of prerequisites

For the exercises in this course, you’ll need to access a MongoDB database and Studio 3T.

Happy MongoDB querying!

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