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JSON View displays documents within a MongoDB collection in JSON. Data can be edited with the JSON Editor, while queries can be created and documents can be added just as easily as in the other views. Download it here.

Find – Ctrl + F (⌘+ F)
Find next – F3 (⌘+ G)
Find previous – Shift + F3 (Shift + ⌘+ G)
Edit Document (JSON) – Ctrl + J (⌘+ J)


JSON View is one of three ways to view data in Studio 3T, which shows data within a MongoDB collection as JSON documents.

It is always accessible in the top-right drop-down menu of the Result Tab.

For more information on MongoDB JSON and BSON, read the MongoDB documentation.

Format JSON Data

After selecting JSON View from the dropdown on the top right of your collection, select the settings icon to the right and choose the your desired formatting option. There are four possibilities for viewing the results in JSON: Mongo Shell FormatSimple FormatMongoexport Format, and Pure, without MongoDB Types.

JSON Format Options

Please be reminded that omitting MongoDB-specific types when choosing Pure Format may cause a loss of accuracy.

Edit JSON data

To edit a document (e.g. field name, value) while in JSON View:

Editing a document in JSON View.

  • Button – Click on the Edit button (paper + pencil icon) in the toolbar.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Result Tab and choose Document > View Document (JSON) and Edit Document (JSON).
  • Hotkey – Press F3 to view document (JSON) or Ctrl + J (⌘+ J) to edit the document. This will open the Document JSON Editor

Validate JSON data

JSON View has a built-in validation mechanism which ensures edits are correct.

Editing data in JSON View.

To validate edits, click on the Validate button. It will flag any errors in the query.

Invalid data in JSON view

Enabling dark mode

Enable or disable it by going to ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’ and simply checking or unchecking the box.


Updated on June 24, 2021

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