SEGA and Studio 3T

The Road to 100,000,000 Users

In our production database with 11 million accounts, I can very easily get a sample of the production data, importing and exporting using Studio 3T.

Scott Griffiths, Senior Programmer, SEGA HARDlight


SEGA is a well-known producer of popular video game titles and beloved characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Having initially begun their work with proprietary hardware games consoles such as the eponymous SEGA MegaDrive as their primary platform in the late 1980’s, they have since moved into the fairly recent realm of mobile gaming, where concurrent users can swiftly number into the 100’s of thousands.

In order to ensure that they can scale to millions of lifetime users, avoid latency in performance, and supply a satisfying mobile gaming experience, they have begun using MongoDB as the backend, with servers written in NodeJS.

– What is the best UI for them?

– How can they get a clear overview of their data?

HARDlight Studios have over a dozen Studio 3T licenses, and using a mix of Basic and Pro versions, they’ve been able to save time and effort in ensuring games are thoroughly verified throughout the important QA phase – where it is critical that updates to the test data can be made as accurately, and easily as possible.


The simplicity of use in Studio 3T has had multiple benefits for SEGA:

1. Developers can fix a problem immediately, by editing a value directly in the database.

2. It’s easy to copy and paste large amounts of data between different collections.

3. The power to see databases in one place. No need for log-in details, credentials and addresses.

4. A dedicated pre-made tool that makes MongoDB documents very easy to visualise.

5. Powerfully speeds up debugging process by streamlining workflow.

The Benefits of Studio 3T

On moving to Studio 3T

“It certainly helps having a pre-made tool that makes mongo documents very easy to visualize, very easy to explore collections and database, just really streamline the process of writing queries, exploring data, and digging into issues.”

Hours saved per week

Studio 3T is definitely a huge help throughout the whole development process […] I couldn’t measure the amount of time saved.

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

Studio 3T helps give us the confidence to check that things are running as they are. I always have Studio 3T open in a window. It’s a very useful tool to have while I’m writing code.

Most used Studio 3T features

In-Place Editing, Color-Coded Connections, Tree View, Table View