Studio 3T and Spoiler Alert

Managing excess food inventory at scale

Before we had Studio 3T, it was a pain.

Jessica Janiuk, Senior Software Engineer

On moving to Studio 3T

My typical way of troubleshooting without a tool like Studio 3T would be a pain. Before we had Studio 3T, it was a pain. So this has made it significantly easier to get our work done.

Jessica Janiuk, Senior Software Engineer

Reason for choosing Studio 3T

We need a tool that really is simple to use, that is obvious and intuitive, that is quick, that is flexible – and Studio 3T was all those things and more – in the big things, and in the small things.

Marty Sirkin, CTO

Spoiler Alert uses Aggregation Editor for productivity

Write complex MongoDB aggregation queries with greater confidence and accuracy: With Studio 3T’s Aggregation Editor, you can build your queries stage by stage, allowing you to apply various pipeline operators and check your results at every step.

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