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Kathryn simply wants to let the world know that Studio 3T is the best MongoDB IDE out there. When she's not gushing over Studio 3T's useful features, she spends her free time exploring Berlin's food scene, playing the drums, learning languages (current mission: German), and writing.

What’s New in Studio 3T 5.7

In this release, Studio 3T unveils Auto-Updater, extensions to Data Compare and Sync, and full compatibility with MongoDB 3.6. Auto-Updater It's finally here - the feature you've all been waiting for. 5.7 rolls out with Auto-Updater, which means Studio 3T will automatically update to the latest version after each release. Enjoy all the newest [...]

How to Tell Your MongoDB Production and Test Databases Apart

Studio 3T has many advanced features, but it's the little things that also make it the best MongoDB GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux. One of our users' favorite features is the ability to color-code collections and databases. It makes differentiating production data from test data easier and prevents accidents from mixing up the two. For example, you can [...]

Our Favorite MongoDB 3.6 Features

MongoDB 3.6 was finally released this week and it comes with seriously exciting features. We first got an in-depth look at the latest MongoDB version at #MDBE2017. Now that everything is official, behold our list of favorite features and what they mean for you. Retryable Writes Causal Consistency Change Streams New Aggregation Pipeline Stages and [...]

How to Connect to ObjectRocket with Studio 3T

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to connect to ObjectRocket with Studio 3T, the GUI for MongoDB. ObjectRocket is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform that specializes in NoSQL databases. They're one of the most trusted MongoDB hosting providers, committed to developing a cloud infrastructure capable of supporting reliable and scalable MongoDB database architectures (spoken like a [...]

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What happens after your Studio 3T trial?

Thanks for trying out Studio 3T, the MongoDB GUI and IDE trusted by developers, database administrators, and teams worldwide. We hope that you got to work better and faster with MongoDB in the last two weeks, with features like Table View, Visual Query Builder, and IntelliShell. (And those are just three of our Core features.) Studio [...]