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Some of you may know that Studio 3T launched its Knowledge Base in the summer of 2018. You’ll find in-depth Studio 3T and MongoDB tutorials, general documentation….and MongoDB video tutorials?

That’s right – Studio 3T not only has a large collection of step-by-step MongoDB video tutorials, but also several feature-specific videos such as the Visual Query Builder and IntelliShell, and even – customer testimonials.

As we continue to build up our collection of videos on the website, feel free to find all of our existing videos on YouTube:

(If you’re a reader, don’t worry – our authors, myself included, will continue to write helpful documentation and informative articles. You can even find us on Medium!)

Gone are the days of uploading the sporadic video or two (remember the Mongochef days?). You’ve helped us grow the channel to over 750 subscribers and watched nearly 45k minutes worth of video since June alone!

As the year goes on, we hope to hear from more of you to let us know what you’d like to see (and read). Prefer a longer, more in depth step-by-step approach? Or short, easy to digest tidbits? Let us know!

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel here!

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Thanks for reading and happy querying!

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