Restore tabs from your previous session, enjoy improved search in Table and Tree View, and specify the mongo tool version for each connection in Studio 3T 2019.7.

Headline features

Session restore | Save and restore from previous session

Studio 3T can now remember which tabs you had open and can restore them on startup – a real time-saver.

Choose Restore session under Preferences

To enable this feature, check the box labeled “Restore session” (currently in beta) under Preferences > General.

Connections | Specify the mongo tool version for each connection

Now you can configure which version of mongo executable to use for each individual connection from a simple dropdown menu.

Go to Connection Manager, choose your connection, and find the dropdown menu under the MongoDB Tools tab.

Specify MongoDB Tools under Preferences

Set it once and ensure compatibility every time.

MongoDB 4.2 | Support for the latest mongo shell version

Studio 3T now supports the new TSL options for the mongo shell which were introduced in the latest MongoDB version.

Find the MongoDB 4.2 release notes here.

Fixes and improvements

Table and Tree View | Improved search

Now you can search for specific data within (visible) results in Table and Tree View.

Search for any value and results that include it will be highlighted in the Results tab. Perfect for when you want to search a particular id or text fragment.

Enjoy improved search in Table and Tree View

View the full Table View and Tree View feature documentation.

Table View | Auto-size column widths

Auto-size your columns in Table View. Studio 3T now introduces two different auto-size options:

  • Compact – Fits column sizes to screen
  • Full values – Extends column sizes to show entirety of data in the column

You can turn either of these on, or turn off auto-sizing altogether, by clicking the Settings icon in the top right of the Results tab.

Auto-size column widths in Table View

We’ve also made fixes and improvements to:

  • Index Manager – Fixed creating indices with the partial index option
  • Collections – Fixed collation option when creating a new collection

View the full list on our change log.

Download Studio 3T

Update to the newest version automatically or download it here:

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