Studio 3T’s first release of 2019 focuses on improvements to SQL Query, one of your most-used features, in addition to other user-requested UX optimizations:

  • Added SQL SELECT DISTINCT support
  • Extended SQL syntax in WHERE clauses using JSON objects
  • Ability to preserve values when changing a field type
  • Better feature onboarding through the Feature and What’s New galleries


We’ve added SQL SELECT DISTINCT to our (long) list of supported SQL syntax.

You can now write such a query

You can now use SELECT DISTINCT in SQL Query to query MongoDB

and combine DISTINCT with JOIN, SELECT, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY statements.

Read more about SELECT DISTINCT and its technical restrictions in our SQL Query documentation.

SQL Query | JSON objects in WHERE clauses

In addition to SELECT DISTINCT, you can now also use JSON objects in SQL WHERE clauses in two ways:



WHERE identifier [SQL operator] JSON

View the full list of supported JSON syntax here.

One quick note: This feature brings changes to the current supported SQL syntax.

  • Identifiers are now quoted with back-ticks (`  `) and square brackets ([ ])
    • e.g. ``, [location.x]
  • Strings are now delimited by single quotes (‘ ‘) and double quotes (“‘)
    • e.g. ‘I am a string’, “and so am I"

Fields | Preserve values when changing a field type

You can now update a field’s type while preserving – or converting – its value.

While on Table View or Tree View, simply right-click on a cell and choose Field > Edit Value/Type.

With Studio 3T 2019.1, it is now possible to preserve values when changing field types

The Edit Value dialog should open where you can 1. Change the field type, 2. Keep or change the current detected value, and 3. Set the value.

When an automatic conversion isn’t possible, Studio 3T will ask for a default value (see Fallback Value above).

Feature & What’s New Galleries

We’ve also added the Feature and What’s New Galleries, for a better onboarding experience for both new and current users. Check it out in action in the app!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Visual Explain | Performance improvements
  • Import and Export Wizard | Cosmetic and performance fixes
  • Schema Explorer | Documentation optimization

View the full detailed list on our change log.

Download Studio 3T 2019.1

If you’ve already installed Studio 3T, simply update in-app (if you don’t have auto-updater on), or download the latest version here:

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