2020.3.1 update: Fixed issues related to Microsoft Azure CosmosDB 3.2, Percona, and MongoDB development release server connections

Find Session Restore and Connection Manager improvements, among many other updates to main features.

Session Restore | Enable a time-saving preference

Session Restore is out of beta! Save time and let Studio 3T remember which tabs you had open by checking Enable session restore under the Preferences tab or under the Quick Options section of the Quickstart tab.Enable Session Restore on Studio 3TWe initially rolled out the feature (in beta) with Studio 3T 2019.7. Let us know how you’ve found it so far – and in case you haven’t tried it yet, we hope you do now 🙂

Connection Manager | Better UI for all supported connection types

Now you can find all four supported connection types – Standalone,
Replica Set, Sharded Cluster, and DNS Seedlist – in the Connection
Manager dropdown.

Find all supported connection typesConnect to each connection type easily through an improved UI that will show relevant fields depending on the type you choose.

Find the step-by-step guide for each connection type in our Connection Manager documentation.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Aggregation Editor – Fixed issues with non-international keyboard layouts
  • SQL Export – Fixed crash that could occur with the “Move down” button
  • Table View – Fixed crash that could occur when dragging values during a running operation
  • Quickstart and What’s New tabs – Resolved flickering issues
  • Data Compare and Sync – Fixed errors that appeared when working with documents containing multiple children
  • Refresh View – Fixed menu entry and shortcut for “Refresh View”
  • Application startup on Linux – Improved startup times

View the full list on our change log.

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    Something in this version is causing issues for mongo servers that don’t have semantic versions (i.e. “3.4.16-4.2” causes a failure on “Detecting MongoDB server version: Illegal argument: For input string: “16-4″”)

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