2021.3.1 update: Fixed a crash that could occur in SQL Query when exporting query results

For all Windows users who download Studio 3T 2021.3, or upgrade to 2021.3 from within our app: Please note that we renewed our code signing certificate for this release which may trigger a Windows Defender pop-up screen. Please click “More Info" to access the “Run Anyway" button in order to allow you to run the installer. Once you’ve done this, you should no longer see such a message.

Find data masking on exports, our darkest theme yet, and the annual Studio 3T Customer Survey!

Headline features

Improved Dark Theme

Dark theme is going darker! We built Studio 3T to ease the metaphorical headaches of managing massive amounts of data. With our new and improved dark theme, we hope we can ease the physical headaches too. Softer borders, deeper contrasts, and smoother colors all help to reduce eye strain for those late-night migrations.

Studio 3T Darker than Dark Theme

Studio 3T Darker than Dark Theme

See dark theme in action by going to Preferences > Appearance > Theme.

Data Masking | Now available on exports

Our Data Masking tool lets you protect sensitive data in just a few steps. Now you can take even fewer. We’ve added the ability to specify data masking rules immediately on export. When you’ve finished a query or cleaned up a collection and are ready to export, simply choose your desired configuration in the Export Wizard. The original data source won’t be overwritten.

Studio 3T Data Masking on Export
Studio 3T Data Masking on Export

Learn more about our full range of data obfuscation abilities within our Data Masking tool.

New features

Visual Explain | Improve aggregation query performance

Want to optimize aggregations but don’t know where to start? By clicking on the lightbulb icon in the Explain tab, you can now view the full explain plan for aggregate queries and views. And if you’re using MongoDB 4.4 or higher, you’ll even find runtime stats for all stages.

Click on the Explain tab in the Aggregation Editor and the Collection Tab to view the stages MongoDB took to run your aggregation query or view.

Studio 3T Visual Explain in Aggregation Editor
Studio 3T Visual Explain in Aggregation Editor

And with another click (on the lightbulb icon), show runtime statistics to reveal exactly which stages could use a little indexing help. 

Tune query performance with Visual Explain, starting with these use cases.

Improved search in Tasks, Data Masking & Query History

Say goodbye to endless scrolling. We’ve added search functionality to both your saved tasks and data masking configurations, and made it easier to interact with your Query History searches.

Studio 3T Task Search
Studio 3T Task Search
Studio 3T Search Query History and Bookmark Results
Studio 3T Search Query History and Bookmark Results

Studio 3T Customer Survey

2021 Studio 3T Customer Survey

Take our Studio 3T Customer Survey for a chance to win a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-cancelling headphones!

It should only take less than ten minutes of your time, and your feedback would help us make your Studio 3T experience even better.

Thank you very much in advance – and best of luck!

Fixes and improvements

User shout-outs

Many thanks to Mike Odom for reporting a problem with IntelliShell shortcuts; Peter Cankar for reporting an error connecting our License Manager to the browser; Wernfried Domscheit for reporting a problem when replacing a single character with double characters; Vincenzo Palazeti for suggesting the option to deactivate autocompletion for Aggregation Editor stage tabs; Andreas Kroll for suggesting the ability to include skip and limit options when removing a document from a query; Alex Ogilvie for reporting a problem with string serialization when exporting an aggregation stage; Michelle Lewis for reporting a crash when previewing documents on a CSV import task; Ian Winter and John Sewell for reporting an issue when inserting long script lines in IntelliShell; Dave Henderson for suggesting the option to clear a collection instead of dropping it on Export—we have also added this feature to Import and SQL Migration; and to everyone else who made this release possible.


  • Fixed bug when attempting to navigate between tabs from the toolbar

Aggregation Editor

  • Added option to deactivate automatic completion on Aggregation Editor stage tabs

Data Compare and Sync

  • Added option to allow treating ‘null’ values on match fields just like any other value

Export Wizard

  • Added rescan component to the source widget, CSV, and SQL export unit tabs 
  • Added option to clear an existing collection, instead of dropping it, to preserve index definition

Import Wizard

  • Added option to clear an existing collection, instead of dropping it, to preserve index definitions

In-Place Data Editing

  • Now supporting aggregation pipeline commands to update your documents
  • Added option to introduce new field in all existing documents of a collection


  • Now fully supporting index hint options in IntelliShell 
  • Fixed bug when executing long lines of script

MongoDB to SQL Migration

  • Increased maximum number of documents that can be scanned to set up a migration

Query History

  • Expanded interactions with query history and bookmarked queries; save a query history item as a bookmark, clear history, edit bookmarks, and more
  • Fixed missing toolbar action when opening a new SQL tab


  • Added rescan component to the source widget
  • Now pre-filling connection tree in source and target selection wizards

SQL to MongoDB Migration

  • Improved import UI navigation
  • Added option to clear an existing collection, instead of dropping it, to preserve index definitions

Table, Tree and JSON View

  • Fixed additional columns showing up after editing on Table View

View the full list on our change log.

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