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How to List MongoDB Users by Role

Take a look at our main overview for more info about User Management in Studio 3T.

In this tutorial, we will see how to easily find and list all MongoDB users that have been granted a specific role using our GUI, Studio 3T.

In MongoDB, users are defined for specific databases. Each user is then assigned a number of roles that in turn define the user’s privileges.

While MongoDB’s API makes it trivial to list all roles that a particular user has been granted, there is unfortunately no easy way for the reverse case where you want to find all users that have been granted a particular role, i.e. the role’s grantees. Studio 3T makes it very easy to find those users.

Download the latest version of Studio 3T here.

List MongoDB roles

First off, connect to your MongoDB server as a user that has sufficient privileges to manage users and roles.

Then, simply select the database that contains the role for which you want to find all grantees.

Click the “Roles” icon in the toolbar.

MongoDB GUI for Role Management

Inspect selected MongoDB role

This will open the roles management tab for this database.

Here, you can see all the built-in and user-defined roles created for the database.

Now, simply select the role for which you want to see all the users that have been granted that role. In our case, that is the user-defined role “rwAdmin”.

Then click the “Edit” button.

MongoDB GUI Manage MongoDB Roles

View list of users with the selected role

By default, In the “Granted To” tab, you can see all grantees from the same database that the role is defined in.

In our case, that is natalie, paul, peter, and richard.

If you want to see all users from all databases that have been granted role “rwAdmin”, click the “Refresh for all DBs” button.

Show MongoDB Users with a MongoDB Role

That’s it! You can now see all users from all databases that have been granted the role “rwAdmin” on our database “test”.

Modify MongoDB roles

In this view, you can now even conceptually add new users to this role. For this, click the “Add” button.

Grant MongoDB Role

In the new dialog, you can choose users from any database that you want to add to the role. Of course, users in MongoDB are not really added to a role. Rather, under the hood, the selected users will be granted the role instead. Click “Add” to add the selected users.

Now that you know how to find users granted a specific role, here’s a little refresh on how to grant roles to multiple users and how to authenticate users (because a secure MongoDB instance is a happy MongoDB instance 🙂 ). We hope these articles help you manage MongoDB roles and users (like a pro!) in Studio 3T. Download it now, in case you haven’t yet.

Updated on December 5, 2019

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