User Manager

User Manager, along with the Role Manager, simplifies MongoDB user management tasks like creating users and granting roles. Try both features today.


To open User Manager:

Grant roles to users by clicking the 'Users' button in the Global Toolbar


Click on Users in the global toolbar.


Right-click on any target database in the Connection Tree and choose Manage Users.

Add a user

  1. Click on Add.
  2. Enter the username.
  3. Enter the password. This is a required field.
  4. Grant the relevant roles by clicking on Grant Roles. They will populate the table under the Roles tab. Alternatively, remove a role by selecting it and clicking on Revoke Roles.

    Need to create a new role? Follow these steps.

  5. To add optional information about the user, use the Custom Data tab and insert it in JSON.

    Click on Validate JSON to ensure that the code is correct.

  6. Click on Add User.

Edit a user

Select the user and click on Edit to open the user profile and make changes.

Edit the User by selecting the user and clicking 'Edit'

With Studio 3T 2018.4, it’s now possible to view the JSON code behind the user creation by clicking on Show Code.

Delete a user

Select the user and click on Drop to delete the user from the list.

Edit Users by selecting the user and clicking 'Drop'

Grant roles

  1. Choose the user.
  2. Click on Grant Roles.
  3. Find the role by entering it in the text or choosing it from the list.
  4. Click Grant.
Updated on May 24, 2019

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