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Best MongoDB University Alternatives

What is MongoDB University?

MongoDB University is the free learning platform run by MongoDB where they provide courses with enrollment on a rolling basis, Learning Paths, professional certification, and more.

Want to learn MongoDB and looking for alternatives to MongoDB University? We’ve compiled a list of user-recommended, recently-updated online courses and resources that might be worth your while.

Online courses

MongoDB 101: Getting Started

Author: Academy 3T
Price: FREE
Duration: 2+ hours

MongoDB 101 from Academy 3T

If you’re tight on time but want to learn the basics, the creators of the leading professional tool for MongoDB have developed a two-hour absolute beginners’ course that covers how to set up a MongoDB Atlas cluster, connect to a database, run simple  queries, import and export in various formats, and work with the mongo shell.

The course is free, self-paced, and includes videos and quizzes throughout.

Sections covered:

  • Introducing MongoDB and Studio 3T
  • Introducing MongoDB Atlas
  • Connecting to MongoDB
  • The MongoDB Basics: Databases, Collections & Documents
  • Using SQL in MongoDB Aggregation
  • Importing and Exporting MongoDB Data
  • Running MongoDB Queries on the mongo Shell

MongoDB 201: Querying MongoDB Data

Author: Academy 3T
Price: FREE
Duration: 3+ hours

MongoDB 201 from Academy 3T

Academy 3T‘s follow-up to its MongoDB 101 course, MongoDB 201 dives into the (trickier) details of querying MongoDB and covers how to query arrays, work with the MongoDB aggregation framework, use SQL to query MongoDB, and create views.

Like its predecessor, this intermediate-level MongoDB course is free and self-paced, and is peppered with even more hands-on exercises and quiz questions.

Sections covered: 

  • Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Operations
  • Building MongoDB find() Queries
  • The MongoDB find() Method
  • Working with the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline
  • The MongoDB aggregate method
  • Querying Arrays Using MongoDB $elemMatch
  • How to Query Embedded Documents in MongoDB Arrays
  • Querying MongoDB with SQL SELECT Statements
  • Working with MongoDB Views

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

Author: Stephen Grider
Price: €149.99
Duration: 13+ hours

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

If you’d like to learn MongoDB in the Node.js environment, Stephen Grider’s course might be right up your alley. His popular Udemy course not only covers MongoDB fundamentals, but also employs a test-driven approach and focuses on Mongoose, so that students gain enough knowledge to confidently build apps around MongoDB.

Sections covered:

  • OSX Setup
  • Windows Setup
  • A Quick ES6 Refresher
  • Core Fundamentals of MongoDB
  • A Test-Driven Experience
  • Mongo Operators
  • Handling Relational Data
  • Thinking About Schema Design
  • Mongoose Middleware
  • Handling Big Collections with Pagination
  • Putting Your Skills to the Test
  • Hard Mode Engage
  • MongoDB with Node and Express

MongoDB Essentials – Complete MongoDB Guide

Author: Bogdan Stashchuk
Price: €199.99
Duration: 10+ hours

MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide

Are you a full-stack developer who wants to master working with the mongo shell? Then you’ve found the MongoDB University alternative. Find in-depth examples of MongoDB query operators like $or, $and, $lt, $gt, $type, and $in, along with sections on CRUD, data types, indexes, aggregation, and more.

Sections covered:

  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • MongoDB Installation Options
  • Installing MongoDB on the local computer and dedicated or VPS server
  • Using MongoDB as a Service (Cloud MongoDB)
  • Installing GUI Tools for MongoDB Management
  • Introduction to the MongoDB Shell
  • Primary MongoDB Data Types
  • Basic CRUD Operations
  • MongoDB Queries
  • Updating Documents
  • Delete Operations
  • Aggregation Framework
  • Indexes
  • Utilities

Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020

Author: Jonas Schmedtmann
Price: €199.99
Duration: 42+ hours

Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020

For front-end developers looking to master a modern back-end stack that includes Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, Jonas Schmedtmann’s course is one of the most comprehensive you’ll find on Udemy (that’s also among the highest rated). His bootcamp course promises to take you through building a “complete, beautiful & real-world application from start to finish”.

Sections covered:

  • Introduction to Node.js and NPM
  • Introduction to Back-End Web Development
  • How Node.js Works: A Look Behind the Scenes
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises and Async/Await
  • Express: Let’s Start Building the Natours API!
  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Using MongoDB with Mongoose
  • Error Handling with Express
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Security
  • Modelling Data and Advanced Mongoose
  • Server-Side Rendering with Pug Templates
  • Advanced Features: Payments, Email, File Uploads
  • Setting Up Git and Deployment

Udemy offers many course alternatives to MongoDB University and we’ve listed the full prices at the time of writing. Pro tip: A quick Google search for a discount code – or switching to incognito mode – could save you a few bucks 😎

YouTube videos

MongoDB in 5 Minutes with Eliot Horowitz

Who could better explain MongoDB than the (co-)founder himself? Watch MongoDB CTO Eliot Horowitz walk through MongoDB’s core competencies and how the document database differs from relational databases.

MongoDB Crash Course

An update to the popular MongoDB In 30 Minutes video, the folks at Traversy Media cover basic CRUD queries, working with the mongo shell, and how to connect to a MongoDB Atlas-hosted database in this (slightly-longer) version.

Learn MongoDB with Studio 3T

Take care of core MongoDB tasks like building aggregation queries, viewing embedded fields, creating views, and more with step-by-step tutorials from Studio 3T.

MongoDB Complete Introduction & Summary

In case you don’t have the time (or the funds) for their Udemy course, Academind’s 40-minute introduction to MongoDB covers how to set up a MongoDB Atlas cluster and how to write basic CRUD commands in the terminal – for free.


MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

Authors: Shannon Bradshaw, Eoin Brazil, Kristina Chodorow
Price: $33.49
Publication date: December 2019

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide (Third Edition)

Now in its third edition, Shannon (who also leads MongoDB University), Eoin, and Kristina from MongoDB have updated the Definitive Guide to highlight advantages available in the latest version, MongoDB 4.2. The book is geared towards administrators who would like to learn more about advanced topics like database configuration, setup, authentication, and authorization, but it also covers core concepts beginners would find useful.

Mastering MongoDB 4.x: Expert techniques to run high-volume and fault-tolerant database solutions using MongoDB 4.x

Author: Alex Giamas
Price: $34.99
Publication date: March 2019

Mastering MongoDB 4.x by Alex Giamas

This updated version, which covers new features supported in MongoDB 4.0 like change streams and multi-document ACID transactions, is rich with examples, best practices, templates, and checklists for running MongoDB that have been well-received by new and mid-level MongoDB developers alike.

Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development

Author: Greg Lim
Price: $16.99
Publication date: July 2019

Beginning Node.js, Express & MongoDB Development

Greg’s special emphasis on “learning by doing” should manifest in this beginner’s guide to Node.js, Express & MongoDB development. Written in bite-sized chapters and peppered with clear code explanations, no wonder many users consider it one of the best primers for learning the MEN stack.

Updated on October 22, 2020

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