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If you’re looking for a database for your app or project, look no further than MongoDB. The tech world agrees: it’s now the fifth most popular database and the most wanted database for the third year in a row, meaning developers want to learn it more than any other database.

We created this MongoDB course for beginners so that in just seven short and easy-to-follow sections, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Set up your first cloud-based MongoDB database
  • Connect to your MongoDB database using Studio 3T
  • Create your first collection
  • Delete a database
  • View your data in three ways
  • Import and export data using test datasets
  • Use the mongo shell

Each section is broken up into lessons and/or exercises, with quizzes to help you test your skills throughout the course.

You’ll also find a glossary at the end of each lesson (where appropriate) to help you learn new terms, and additional resources under the Materials tab of each lesson. 

Students will receive a certificate upon completion of all seven sections of the course.

Who this MongoDB course is for

MongoDB 101: Getting Started is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of MongoDB, fast.

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