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Read-Only Mode

Secure MongoDB data with Read-Only Mode, which can be set for a specific collection or an entire connection. Get started today.

Set a MongoDB collection to read-only

  1. Open a collection from the Connection Tree. This will open up a Collection Tab.
  2. In the Results Tab toolbar, click on the Lock icon. This will prevent edits from being made in all three views (Table, Tree, and JSON View).Read-only mode in Studio 3T

Set a MongoDB connection to read-only

  1. Open a MongoDB connection – new or existing – using the Connection Manager. This will open a connection window.
  2. Under the Server tab, check Read-Only Lock.Set a MongoDB connection to read-only mode in Studio 3T

Note that setting a connection to read-only mode only makes the results read-only within Studio 3T. It will not affect MongoDB permissions, roles, or the state of the data on the server.

Updated on May 24, 2019

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