In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how (ridiculously) easy it is to copy a MongoDB collection to another database using Studio 3T.

Download our MongoDB GUI now, and let’s roll. 

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1. Copy MongoDB Collection

Select the source collection you want to copy and right-click it in the connection tree.

In our case, this is collection test.people on localhost.

Choose Copy Collection.

MongoChef Copy MongoDB Collection

2. Paste MongoDB Collection

Select your target MongoDB database (or collection) that you want to copy your source collection to.

In our example, that is database “test” on server “ADX”.

Right-click your target and choose Paste Collection.

MongoChef Paste MongDB Collection

3. Configure Copy & Paste

In the Paste Collection dialog, you can choose how the copy operation should treat (existing) document _ids.

Note that this usually only relevant when you decide to copy a collection into another, existing target collection.

If you paste a collection into a target database that already contains a collection with the same name, the source collection will be inserted with the prefix “Copy_of_”.

To finish, click Paste Collection. This will copy your source collection to your target.

MongoChef Paste MongoDB Collection

4. That’s It!

And just like that, your MongoDB collection is copied to another database and/or server 🙂

As a pro tip, you can always monitor your copy job on the bottom-left corner and cancel any long-running operations.

Now that you’ve learned how simple it is to copy and paste MongoDB collections in Studio 3T, try it out for yourself, in case you haven’t downloaded our MongoDB GUI yet.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2015.