Exercise: Installing Studio 3T

In this exercise, you’ll download the Windows installation file from the Studio 3T download page and run the setup wizard.

Not using Windows? Here are the installation guides for macOS and Linux.

To install Studio 3T

1. Open a browser and go to the Studio 3T download page.

2. Ensure that the Windows tab is selected on the download form and fill out the form as needed.

3. Click Download for Windows.

This will download a .zip file, which contains a Windows executable file (.exe) for a 64-bit system.

Studio 3T offers download options other than the default, including a 64-bit Windows Installer (.msi) file and 32-bit executable file. To access these options, click More download options on the download form.

4. When the download is complete, locate and expand the .zip file, and then double-click the .exe file to launch the setup wizard.

5. If you’re prompted to allow Studio 3T to make changes to your system, click Yes.

6. When the wizard’s Welcome page appears, click Next.

If the setup wizard detects a previous Studio 3T installation, you’ll be prompted to choose between doing an update or installing to a different directory. If you choose to do an update, the steps will be slightly different from the ones described here.

7. On the License Agreement page, review the licensing information, select the I accept the agreement option, and click Next.

8. On the Uninstall previous versions page, review the instructions about uninstalling previous Studio 3T versions.

If a version older than 5.7.0 is installed, you must manually uninstall it before proceeding. If an older version is not installed, click Next.

9. On the Select Destination Directory page, specify an installation directory other than the default, if necessary, and then click Next.

10. When the installation is complete, you can choose to run Studio 3T immediately or to create a desktop icon.

Select or clear the options as desired, and then click Finish. If you chose to run Studio 3T immediately, the application will launch as soon as the wizard closes.

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