Our development process has always been customer- and functionality-focused. Release note after release note, you’ve seen the launch of many user-driven new features that it’s been tricky to shortlist the many fixes and improvements.

In this release, we’re putting the spotlight back on the little things that go into each feature – the customer tickets, the UX session feedback, the random bug finds – that may not be headline-worthy on their own, but collectively make the Studio 3T experience better for everyone.

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In-app makeover

One thing that’s perhaps not so little: we’ve ditched the 90s look 🙂

Studio 3T's new in-app look and feel

Find new in-app icons, colors, tab look and feel – and a fresher-looking manatee. We hope you like it!

Fixes and improvements

Find the changes that went into each feature, twelve of which came directly from customer feedback.

Aggregation Editor

  • Drastically improved performance when working with many aggregation stages
  • Added shortcuts for new stages: $merge, $planCacheStats, $replaceWith, $set, $unset
  • Added ability to change databases, collections, and connections while building aggregation queries
  • Code formatting now available while building aggregation stages (use Ctrl + Alt + L to format code)
  • Fixed crash that could occur when reordering the pipeline in an undocked aggregation editor tab
  • Improved legibility of Refresh button and pagination controls when results are out of date
  • Improved notifications in the Explain tab

Connection Manager

  • Each connection now shows the date it was last accessed
  • Improved handling of imported Robo 3T connections, SSL credentials now being imported
  • mongo tools settings now being saved on export

Connection Tree

  • Now updates connection names after they have been edited

Data Compare & Sync

  • Fixed bug in exported data when there is an instance of “No source/target document matched"
  • Improved UX of compare results tab after session restore
  • Fixed bug when adding non-object, non-array values

Dark Mode

  • Fixed text visibility on the installer for Ubuntu 20.04

Export Wizard

  • Improve handling of export units that are done through “copy to clipboard"
  • Improved handling of GridFS bucket exports
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to directly export an index of a collection


  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts when switching between Table, Tree, and JSON Views

Import Wizard

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a source file name with special characters

MongoDB to SQL Migration

  • Fixed bug with overlapping “Scanning collections" and “First steps" dialogs

Schema Explorer

  • Improved readability of schema analysis progress

Session Restore

  • Custom tab names now restored when loading a previous session
  • Data Compare & Sync now restores comparisons configured for system collections

SQL to MongoDB Migration

  • Fixed truncated source and target connections
  • Fixed validation issues
  • Fixed blank lines that appear when clicking on an empty source SQL database
  • Fixed SQL Server import behavior in column names with trailing spaces
  • Improved decimal type handling and mapping, now maps to the BSON counterpart Decimal128

SQL Query

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts when switching between Table, Tree, and JSON Views
  • Commenting with line comment now preserves selection

Table View

  • Fixed settings so that changes to views do not affect global settings
  • Fixed bug when sorting a collection on a binary data field


  • mongodump and mongorestore imports and exports now work with MongoDB Atlas SRV connections

Tree View

  • Fixed settings so that changes to views do not affect global settings

Visual Query Builder

  • Added support for DBref (Reference) value

App-wide changes

  • Improve tab closing behavior

You can (still) view the full list on our change log.

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