How to Do MongoDB Aggregation Queries Easily

Introduction Create the MongoDB Aggregation Query Identify the Question MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Operators Add a New Stage Group Results Specify Query Options Share the MongoDB Aggregation Query Introduction In this post, we're going to take a look at how to do MongoDB aggregation queries easily with the Aggregation Editor in Studio 3T (formerly MongoChef). We're [...]

How to Do MongoDB Map-Reduce Jobs Easily

In this post, we will see how Studio 3T can make your life easy with writing, debugging, and running MongoDB Map-Reduce jobs using the amazing new Map-Reduce screen. In case you haven't yet, download our MongoDB GUI here and let's go through a Map-Reduce example together. MongoDB Map-Reduce vs Aggregation Pipeline A Map-Reduce Example Filtering [...]

New MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Operators in Studio 3T

MongoDB 3.4 has brought out a number of new, very useful aggregation operators for both recursive search ($graphLookup), and faceted search ($bucket, $bucketAuto, $facet, $sortByCount). See below for a brief explanation of each new operator. And of course, both IntelliShell and the Studio 3T aggregation builder fully support the new additions. OPERATOR DESCRIPTION $bucket Categorizes incoming [...]