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Studio 3T

The GUI where you get more done

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Query faster

Auto-complete queries in the mongo shell, use a drag-and-drop interface to build queries, query MongoDB with SQL, or break down aggregation queries in stages. Generate instant code from your queries – in seven languages – while you're at it.

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Import and export with ease

Import from Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases to MongoDB—or the other way around—plus enjoy easy import and export in CSV, JSON, BSON, and mongodump.

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Migrate without the headache

Migrate entire databases or tables with minimal setup from SQL to MongoDB—or MongoDB to SQL—and spare the post-migration cleanup by defining data relationships before the import or export.

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Skip the calendar reminders

Automate regular migrations between SQL and MongoDB—along with import, exports, and data comparisons—and schedule them as tasks.

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Dive deep into your data

Copy and paste entire databases and collections or just a single document, export large data sets or just query results, expand or collapse embedded fields at will, compare collections side-by-side, or analyze your data's schema to find outliers and anomalies.

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Server 3T

The job automation tool that gets your team ahead

Introducing Server 3T - job automation for MongoDB
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Free up your team's resources

Schedule migrations and exports on your Windows or Linux server, and save local resources for essential tasks.

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Stop duplicating work

By connecting Studio 3T with Server 3T, users on the same license can see their team's previous and upcoming exports and migrations. With everyone on the same page, you’ll never do the same work twice.

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Keep track of all server operations

View the operation log of any migration or export directly in Studio 3T, with the option to save it as a .log or .csv file and download any output files.

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Take performance up a level

Get faster, more reliable, more predictable performance with heavy-load tasks that your local machine isn't designed to handle.

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Simple to use. Obvious. Intuitive. Quick. 3T have been the most responsive of any of the software vendors we use today. And that's just critical.

Marty Sirkin, CTO, Spoiler Alert

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